I first started to see this trend in 2005 when I was very surprised at how many people were ordering styles I created in 2003.  I remember thinking "why is everyone asking for these now?  Nobody wanted them when they were new."  But then I remembered that Europe is known for being 2 years ahead of the US in regards to fashion.  Then, playfully, I thought "well, my grandparents were from Austria and Germany..." Is that even in Europe?  LOL!  I don't know why my fashions always seem to catch on 2 years after I create them, but I guess it is a good thing that I don't discontinue styles.


This Halloween it is brought to my attention that my designs are ahead of their time, big time!  For some reason, this Sultry Bat that was created late in 2009 is our best selling costume this year!  It is sultry sexy for all ages and all sizes.  Hands down, it is definitely our best selling in the plus size category!  I am sure you can see why.  The high slit is sexy, while covering her legs.  The halter style looks great on all breast sizes and the long glove arms camoflage the larger arms we don't always feel comfortable revealing.  I love this gown personally.


So, if I am two years ahead of my time. I guess I will predict the Dead Bride and Delilah to be best sellers in 2014.  If I were a store owner, I would watch this trend, and jump on the horse now, be a trend setter, not a trend follower.  I would definitely be carrying those two items this year!